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Gold/Precious Metals – What to Buy?

Why buy GOLD?
Owning an amount of physical gold is one of the best ways of protecting wealth. The gold price can go down, but never to zero! Cash, shares and all other financial instruments CAN go to zero!
And if your gold does go down it means that your cash and other investments are worth something. Therefore Gold is an ideal hedge against losing all your wealth.
~ Get Physical: Gold shares or Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are not equivalent to physical gold, they are speculative. Only physical gold that you can hold in your hand will protect you from derivative meltdown, naked short-selling, banking failure, stock market collapse, state sponsored inflation and the other goodies that 2008/2009 has in store for us!
~ Protection not Speculation: Physical gold is something to buy to protect what you have in turbulent times, not to speculate in or make you rich. If economic turbulence subsides or deflation hits, the value of gold will decline sharply.
~ Cash has risk: Bank deposits take on the individual company risk of the bank. You are also taking on government risk, as all cash is a promise from and a belief in the government.


Silver Coins are ideal to barter with. Gold coins can be too valuable for bartering normal every day items, and represent a security threat when going out to purchase things.

o www.thegoldprice.com reports that above ground stockpiles of silver have dwindled to almost nothing and warehouse inventories are down to around 100 million ounces, of which two thirds are already spoken for.

o Silver is absolutely essential for industry, being used in many things from keyboards to phones, refrigerators and thousands of other manufactured goods. This demand, coupled with limited supply, should ensure its long term value remains stable.

How to Buy Gold and Silver

~ There are many ways to buy Gold and silver, but the best way is to buy bullion.

~ We believe the best way is to buy direct from mints or dealers.

~ You can buy Gold or Silver Bullion in either coin or bar.

~ Coin and bars both have a premium associated, to cover the manufacturing costs. The smaller the bar or coin in weight, the higher the premium, therefore it makes sense to purchase larger sizes.

~ Our favourite mint is the Perth mint of Western Australia (www.theperthmint.com.au). To purchase either Gold or Silver bullion, simply call the mint shop on +61 8 9221 9804 and they will email you a price list. You can complete the sales contract over the phone and they email you the contract to sign and fax or email back to them. You transfer the cost of the bullion, plus courier and insurance charges, and after. The bullion is insured until you sign the delivery.

~ Silver junk coins can be useful for bartering. Junk silver coins are old coinage from the time that coins contained silver (when money was always going to be worth something!).

~ The coins have no real value to collectors, but have value due to the silver content.

~ In the USA, Junk silver refers mainly to those coins minted pre 1964 or 65. Pre 1965 the amount of silver in silver coins was around 90%, after that date the amount of silver in each coin was reduced. These coins can be easily purchased from coin dealers or on ebay.

~ In Australia, the 1966 50 cent “Silver Round” is a very popular junk silver coin, having 80% silver content. They can be currently purchased from coin dealers or on ebay for around AUD $7.50 each. These coins are ideal for bartering.

If you want to buy gold that is kept in a vault, by far the best place is www.goldmoney.com they offer gold and silver which they store in a vault in Zurich and which is insured by Loyds of London(which if all banks go bust will be one of the last ones to go). they also have one of the lowest fees available, they only charge for buying and not selling.

Otherwise if you want to buy gold or silver coins we recommened www.goldandsilver.com


Helps keep this site running, Thanks for supporting us!