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1. PROTECT INCOME: Become indispensable at work: Update skills, take initiative, mentor others. Learn the secrets of operating and maintaining critical and tricky office technologies and work systems. Be flexible. Dress appropriately and avoid gossip! Try to place yourself in a “safe” Industry (see “Is my Job Safe?”). If your company or industry is at risk, try discreetly to get another job in a “safer” industry, although be aware that newly placed employees are at greater risk of being fired.

2. PROTECT ASSETS: Check your deposits are in the safest bank possible. Consider investing a small percentage of your wealth in physical gold and silver coins or bullion bars, as extra security in the event of the banking system collapsing. Invest in security precautions such as a safe, alarm and locks on your house. Crime and public unrest will increase as the crisis develops.

Contribute and help others in your immediate community. Build strength through community.

4. REDUCE ENERGY COSTS: Take creative steps to reduce energy costs, including heating, cooling and transportation.

5. AVOID UNNECESSARY EXPENDITURE: Stop being a recreational consumer! Discover the joys of being thrifty! Buy only what you need!

6. MAINTAIN, REPAIR, RECYCLE AND BORROW: Before making a purchase ask yourself 3 questions: why do I need this item, can I live without it? Can I repair or modify an existing item to perform the same function as this item? Can I borrow this item from family or friends? If after answering these questions you still need it, consider purchasing from a “pre-loved” or recycled item from a store, market, or ebay.

7. EAT AT HOME: Learn to Cook BEAUTIFUL food! Once you do you will no longer WANT to eat out in restaurants, since your food will taste better. And you will be much healthier!

8. CUT HEALTHCARE COSTS: Get Healthy, Exercise, eat nutritious foods and lose weight. You will save thousands on healthcare, and live a far more enjoyable life.

9. GROW YOUR OWN: Start a Vegetable Patch. Even if you don’t have your own garden, you can participate in a community garden, a roof-top garden, or even grow herbs on your window still. Growing edible plants is therapeutic and provides a nutritious source of organic food to nourish you.

10. HAVE A FLEXIBLE AND HAPPY ATTITUDE: Develop a flexible attitude to change, “roll with the punches” and adapt to the massive changes and uncertainty facing us all. Those that fight the wave will tire and drown. Try to accept challenges and try to find the positive aspects and opportunties hidden in all difficulties. Try to eliminate negative attitudes and judgments to things such as financial losses, unemployment and personal bankruptcy. Be gentle on yourself and accept that you are in an environment in which many things are completely outside of your control. Try to accept these changes and focus attention on things that are in your control, such as protecting and improving personal health, improving relationships, and maintaining a positive spiritual outlook.


Helps keep this site running, Thanks for supporting us!